Instructions for the installation Graphics motorcycle / atv.

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need: 3M adhesive graphics, a spray bottle with water, and a plastic putty knife or credit card.

Step 1: Preparation
Make sure that the surface of the motorcycle is completely clean and free of dust and grease. Fill the sprayer with water and shake it to get a fine mist of water. You can also add a small amount of non-alcoholic liquid soap to the water to make it easier to adjust the chart.

Step 2: Remove the protective paper
Carefully peel the MMCD graphic from its backing paper and spray the part of the bike, where you will stick the graphic, with water evenly. This will prevent the graphic from sticking immediately, giving you time to adjust its position.

Step 3: Positioning
Place the graphic in the desired position on the bike. Being moistened with water, you can easily slide the graph to find the perfect location. Make sure it is well aligned and centered.

Step 4: Smoothing and removing bubbles
With the graphic in place, use the plastic putty knife or credit card to gently smooth the graphic, removing any excess water and trapped air bubbles. Work from the center out to the edges for an even application and to avoid bubbles.

Step 5: Drying and finishing
Once the graphic is well positioned and free of bubbles, use a hair dryer or heat gun, CAREFULLY!, and pass over the graphics to dry and adhere well, let it dry naturally for approximately 24 hours. This will allow the adhesion to be strengthened. Avoid washing the motorcycle or exposing it to rain for a few days, so that the adhesive can stick perfectly.

With the water application method, you will be able to achieve a precise and problem-free placement of the MMCD graphics, on your motorcycle or atv. Enjoy a professional and custom look while protecting and enhancing the appearance of your machine.

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